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Original Französische Antiquität

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Wir nehmen an folgende Antik Märkte teil                                                   Kontakt:
in Schleswig-Holstein                                                                                     Frank Lünding

  • Sierhagen                                                                                                   E- Mail:
  •                                                                                                                       Telefon: 06386-998239

telefonische Terminvereinbarung ist auch möglich                                    Mobil: 0157-58035766         



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Welcome at Antikatelier Lünding

Original french antique

We offer a lot of antiques to you in 2 shops. Predominantly French antiques, from small pieces of furniture as for example flower stool, side table, sewing machines etc. up to seat groups, big 4-6-door cupboards or even complete rooms.

129_1_k-259A large choice of new Antiques comes in every month.

We also buy your Antiques at any time, for us to make you a offer we must be able to look either the product personally, or on Pictures.

Our speciality is the restoration and repair of antique great clockworks. With the purchase of a clock, youof course get a 2-year- guarantee on the run ability of the clockwork.

We also restore pieces of furniture and upholster Chairs new. Bring us your antique piece of jewellery and we will finish it again with a lot of love and talent.


139_1_k-261The transport... We deliver partly personally or arrange it in such a way that it is delivered by a reliable forwarding agency. You find the prices and other infos on top in the line under "Carriage".

Simply look by every now and then. It could be worthwhile.


With dear greetings
Their family Lünding

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